Do you remember game

This is a game we play with our son, quite often, usually at sleeping times. It is very simple actually; one by one we ask each other a question starting with “Do your remember” and try to ask a minor detail from our trips.

For instance,
– Do you remember The restaurant in Barcelona, the breads, how hard they were?
– Yes and my pizza came hours later, after you both finished all your meals


– Do you remember the first post cards we bought from mount Etna?
– Yes and you yourself showed all the photographes to every person we met, and did not let them to see by themselves.


– Do you remember at the hotel we stayed in Sorrento, we looked at the old photographes of the owner family?
– Yes and I remember the young days of the old lady in the restautant, how she married and came to the family, the man in the reception growed in the hotel and the restaurant part was much smaller.

This game is very useful, remembering where we have been and how much we have enjoyed our trips. This game also allows us to share the experiences further than the trip itself. Experiences that only three of us share with each other.