Visiting Ancient Sites

Visiting ancient sites

Visiting ancient sites – Pergamon

It always has been amazing to see how our son’s imagination work in the ancient cities. While we intent to see just “stones”, our son loves to do shopping in an “Agora”, do some cooking in a “kitchen”, play a game in the “amphitheater”, pretend to be a statue, be a king, be a slave, be a carpenter or be soldier… Ancient sites are really good places to play the old “pretending to be” games.

When we visit an ancient site he never wants to skip any bit of the “stones” and wonders the story behind every stone. Good way to teach the history and let him know that there were thousands of years people lived without their ipads, or PSPs. Hard for him to believe.

The best ancient cities we have been were in Turkey, Greece and Italy. The story behind the ancient cities are more amazing than the sites itself. How people cured themselves in the very first hospital of Asclepion, how people died of diseases, how they have been to the toilet all together in Ephesus, where the gods lives in Athens, and how people could not escape from the Visuv volcano in Pompei.

Pedestrian crossing on a busy street of Pompei

Pedestrian crossing on a busy street of Pompei

To get the most from an ancient city, when we finally finish all our walking, we love to stop at the souvenir shop and buy a little souvenir or postcards to remember the site. After a fine walk in the ancient sites, we also love to relax in a fine restaurant and talk about what we just saw, what we will remember and sometimes our son draws some pictures about the details of the stones and I am always amazed how he can remember such things in such details.

Pretending to be s statue - Ephesus

Pretending to be a statue – Ephesus

Remember me to write about our little “Do you remember?” game later on.