Balance sheet of 2014

Happy new year

Happy new year

Hello dear followers and I wish you a wonderful 2015 with lots of joy and travels.

Remember what I have written this time last year. Here I made a long list of plans of my 2014 dream of travels. The list was long and I only could realize only a few of them, while I did manage to organize some other lovely travels.

1. Maldives. No, still a plan

2. Belek/Turkey for golf. Yes, twice:-)

3. Paris in May. No:-(

4. Somewhere in North in June. No. Hopefully this year.

5. UK. Yess. 10 long days.

6. A weekend in one of the Greek islands. Yess. Moreover, it was a weekend without a child:-)

7. Oman for another golf holiday. No:-(

8. Dubai in October. Yes, for Business trip

9. Germany for Christmas. No. Too cold.

Soo, the balance sheet does not look so nice, only 4 out of 9. However, besides these, I went to Iran, Barcelona, Georgia and South Carolina/USA, and Thessaloniki/Greece. Not a bad year, huh?

What about 2015. Here are my wishes for the coming year.

1. Maldives. (This time tickets and hotels are already booked)

2. Golf holiday in Belek/Antalya. (yes again)

3. Road trip in Portugal in April.

4. A long weekend in a nice old town of Germany

5. Finland for WRC in July.

6. Some other Greek Island

7. Shopping break in Milano, October.

8. Dubai for Christmas

I guess it is time to plan the details.

Happy New Year

Travel map

Travel map


I wish all my travel lover followers a very happy year with full of travels with friends and families, with loads of photographs to share and lovely memories to remember forever.

This map above is from the wall of our son’s room. If you look closer, you will see pink marks on the places we have been together with him. This year we reached to 20 countries on 4 continents. Our aim is 4 travels every year, two of which, to new countries for our son. My wish list for the coming year is:

1. Maldives (a new country for us all) to enjoy some swimming in winter.

2. Belek/Turkey for a golf holiday in February or March, for a long weekend.

3. Paris in May, third time being in France, but first time in Paris for our son.

4. Somewhere North in June, for a longest day possible, maybe to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

5. UK in summer (a new country for our son), we lived and studied in the UK before our son was born, but we’ve never been there since we returned in 1998. Still hesitating, as you know our love of renting a car and driving, which is the biggest concern of us in the UK.

6. A weekend in one of the Greek islands.

7. Oman for another golf holiday and warm weather in Autumn (A new country for us all)

8. Dubai, in October for a conferance (A new country for us all)

9. Germany (either Nürnberg or Berlin) in December, to visit the Christmas markets.

Oooops, this has been quite a lot. Well, let’s see what life will bring.