A day trip to Annecy

A day out in Annecy in March, not the best time but the best place to go for a family like us.

We went to Geneve Motor Show last March, which was a quick but a good decision. It wasn’t the first time neither to Switzerland nor to France, but the first time in the area. Being the last minute planner for the motor show, we could not find a place to stay in Geneve, so we searched for around and find a convenient, business hotel at Thoiry/France, a cute little village  just half an hour drive from Geneve. Of course  a long weekend to the area provides you more than the motor show itself. So we decided to do a day trip to Annecy, which was about 50 km. from our hotel.

To Annecy in the beginning of spring

To Annecy in the beginning of spring


The park by the lake

The park by the lake

Annecy is a very nice town, in the middle of the Alpine Mountains, by the lovely lake of Annecy. A town of castles, lakes, rivers and bridges. French Cafes, Macaronis, red tiled roofs and little village streets. Parks, large trees, fog and well, castles again.

Rivers and bridges

Rivers and bridges

French Cafes

French Cafes

French Macaroni

French Macaroni

A walk in the park

A walk in the park

We started our tour in the lanes of the town, climbing up to the castle, which was not the best part for our son actually, as he doesn’t like to walk. Afterwards, we had a little break in a nice French cafe, at a very small corner table and enjoyed our hot chocolates and cappuccinos. For lunch (which I may tell mote n another post sometime later) we had a lovely meal at a very French restaurant. When I say French I really mean French, with French speaking waiters and a French menu. Thanks to the non-Parisian French guests of the restaurant on the next table, they very helpfully explained us all the menu in English and with lots of advice, helped us to give our order.

In the afternoon we did a walk by the foggy lake and some “people watch” activity with lots of relaxing time and feeding the swans. By the evening, we loved the town, loved the people and dreamed of coming back sometime in summer or late spring maybe in the coming years.







Geneve Motor Show experience

Last week, with an instant decision we decided to go to 83rd Geneve Motor Show, a first time in our lives experience of a motor show visit. I was dreaming of sharing our adventures day by day but I have been a victim of being an unexperienced blogger and poor wifi connections. So here is short summary.

I love the in flight entertainment

Our journey started with a flight, that had inflight entertainment. Ilove it when  our son enjoys his games and I watch a movie of my choice. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a movie I did not watch before.


Yeni Resim

As always our first stop was rent a car service for our 3-day-BMW

The rent a car services in the airports are the first stop of our travels. Our car for this travel was a 3 series BMW. Not so fancy to go to a motor show, but was a last minute deal.



The snow covered mountains greeted us


Another last minute deal was our hotel. We preferdto stay in France, Thoiry, as it was cheaper and more convenient than Geneve hotels. Just 10 km away from Palexpo.



We enjoyed a sunny afternoon, just after we arrived

As soon as we settled in our hotel, we went to Geneve lakeside to enjoy the sunny afternoon and the Jet D’eu, wine and swiss chocolate cakes… mmmm yummy.


Jet D’eu



Morning excitement

The next day started with an excitement of the Motor Show.



We were not alone for sure


Ferrari, of course the first to visit.

As soon as we got in we ran to Ferrari, however, some thousands of other people was thinking the same with us.


Some games attracting us


Doing our own Renault


Shiny cars