Do you remember game



Sometimes (I suppose more than I expected)  we do not have to play the “do you remember” game, for our son to remember the unforgetabe moments of our travels. He made the picture above, at school. Probably his moment of unforgetable of our recent Geneva trip.

Do you remember game

Me : Do you remember the houses in Beverly hills?
Our son: I more remember the cars. The 2 Ferrari, one Lamborgini and some others around us at one traffic light. Where was it?
Me: Rodeo drive of course.

Geneve Motor Show experience

Last week, with an instant decision we decided to go to 83rd Geneve Motor Show, a first time in our lives experience of a motor show visit. I was dreaming of sharing our adventures day by day but I have been a victim of being an unexperienced blogger and poor wifi connections. So here is short summary.

I love the in flight entertainment

Our journey started with a flight, that had inflight entertainment. Ilove it when  our son enjoys his games and I watch a movie of my choice. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a movie I did not watch before.


Yeni Resim

As always our first stop was rent a car service for our 3-day-BMW

The rent a car services in the airports are the first stop of our travels. Our car for this travel was a 3 series BMW. Not so fancy to go to a motor show, but was a last minute deal.



The snow covered mountains greeted us


Another last minute deal was our hotel. We preferdto stay in France, Thoiry, as it was cheaper and more convenient than Geneve hotels. Just 10 km away from Palexpo.



We enjoyed a sunny afternoon, just after we arrived

As soon as we settled in our hotel, we went to Geneve lakeside to enjoy the sunny afternoon and the Jet D’eu, wine and swiss chocolate cakes… mmmm yummy.


Jet D’eu



Morning excitement

The next day started with an excitement of the Motor Show.



We were not alone for sure


Ferrari, of course the first to visit.

As soon as we got in we ran to Ferrari, however, some thousands of other people was thinking the same with us.


Some games attracting us


Doing our own Renault


Shiny cars

Ready for Geneva

Tomorrow we will be heading for a new adventure to Geneva, Switzerland. Both my husband and our son loves the cars and it was their dream to go to a motor show. Actually they would prefer to go to Frankfurt or Paris motor shows, but unfortunately they are both organized in September, when the school time just starts. Soo, of we go tomorrow morning, everything (hopefully everything) organized, flights organised, hotel is booked (in France actually), a BMW 3 series reserved, visas checked, Eyewitness book of Switzerland borrowed… Make sure to follow us next 4 days.