Two seasons of Kyomizu Dera


End March


End October

Until last month, my only choice to go to Japan would be end March, however, in end October, I had chance to go to Japan once more, this time for business, but I did have chance to see some temples once more. Unfortunately, end October is just a few weeks early for Japan’s famous color change season, but anyway I did have wonderful time.

The photos above and below are all from Kyomizu Dera, at two different seasons.


End March


End October

Two tickets of Kyomizu Temple

Two tickets of Kyomizu Temple

IMG_4189 DSC02567

The change of season very much effect the details of Japanese lives. Especially the variations of “Art of Plates” at the restaurants were amazing, with flowery decorations in Spring, while there were autumn themed plates in end October.

Kyomizu Dera is one of the most famous temples of Kyoto, built on huge logs of wood without using any nail. Together with the forest around and the smoke of fumigants, it has a very mystic feeling. But the more attractive part of this temple is the road going to the temple, full of shops and on street eating facilities.


Cherry Blossoms at Kyomizu Dera


Down from the temple


Autumn themed shops

Weekly Photo Challange: Curves


This weeks photo challange is the “curves”. Where on earth you can find curves better than Cappadocia? A land where nature is unique, where early Christians lived in the underground cities and caves, where every season has its something to show you and where children will love the adventures of being in a natural wonderland.

Clouds around curves

Clouds around curves


A 3 to 4 day trip to Cappadocia with children will provide you more than you expected. The famous cave hotels to stay, will let you pretend to be living in early history. Each one of the undergound cities will come to life with the imagination of your children.

Autumn leaves of Cappadocia

Autumn leaves of Cappadocia

Do you remember game:
Our son: Do you remember the “Family Chimneys”, the father, mother and son?
Me: Yes, and the grand parents further in the back

Me: Do you remember our hotel “Cappadocia Estates Hotel?
Our son: Yes, it was like a cave and had a lovely breakfast.