What is history? Athens vs Athens

History in US

History in US

History in Europe

History around our country

In my hometown, when we say “History”, we really mean history, starting from about 5000 BC, ancient sites, Helens, Romans, Persians, Ottomans, and many ancient cities. I’ve written about visiting ancient cities with children here. We like to visit history, learn history and feel history in our travels.

But what we saw in US was a totally different understanding of history, more feels like “outdated” then “history”. Anyway, we visited history, learned stories and tried to feel it, which is much more easier when you get into a house like this:

Heritage Hall, at "Historic city" Madison.

Heritage Hall, at “Historic city” Madison.

Very few of such old houses in South area are left from the North-South war. One of them was one in Athens, which is also used as a visiting center and an old but energetic gentleman, passionately explains about the “History” of the area and the house.

Welcome Center is a Heritage building itself

Welcome Center in Athens is a Heritage building itself

Well the Heritage in this Athens is a totally different Heritage than the other Athens, right?

Details of the Brumby House in Athens

Details of the Brumby House in Athens

The more interesting thing than the house was the guy, almost as old as the house did explain everything to us about the house. Moreover, we told him that we want to go to Savannah for a road trip, and he advised us a nice route with a stopover at Madison, a Historic little town, which turned our to be a really good and interesting advise. A film-set-like center, with many 18th century buildings around, and very many old people walking calmly on sidewalks.

One of the houses to visit at Madison was the heritage Hall, with many nice 19th century furniture, and a very polite old lady again passionately explaining every detail about the house. This is also something totally different from my home country, where retired people do not intent to work any more. I do not think they do understand the value of working, and that working keeps them more healthy, social and worth to live. Moreover, if such a lady would like to work and find a job to work, many people around would think that, her children are not good enough to take care of their mother and poor woman needs work for a living. But I am amazed how this nice lady valued our visit to the house, explained every detail with the feel from heart. I am sure we made her day, as a foreign family, came so far far away from a country, that she never saw a visitor from.

Thank you for the nice visit and a fake tea ceremony:-)

Thank you for the nice visit and a fake tea ceremony:-)

More to come about Athens and further east in coming weeks.