Weekly photo challange: The golden hour

Hot air baloons in Cappadoccia

Hot air baloons in Cappadoccia

The weekly photo challange of the week is the golden hour, which is the first and the last hour of the day. Well, traveling with a child, I realised that it is very rare that we walk around in these hours. The photo above was taken in Cappadoccia, not because we have been in one of these balloons at 6:30 in the morning, but because our flight was very early (which is sooo rare, as a flight before 10:00 am is not a flight to my family). This rule is valid both for the flights and any activities in our holidays: Never dare to go out before 10:00 am.
When I went trough the photographes of our travels, I realised that in the last hour of the day, “Where are we gonna eat?” is the main concern of my family. Tired of being out all day, we mostly prefer to have a mini rest in our hotel, before going out for dinner, or we already start to look for a proper restaurant to feed our stomachs. Sure we have missed some beautiful moments of the days of our travels. Well, I will be more cautious in enjoying the evening golden hour of the day, however, no promise for the morning golden hour. After all, a holiday is a holiday, where you enjoy to sleep longer and longer hours.

Weekly Photo Challange: Curves


This weeks photo challange is the “curves”. Where on earth you can find curves better than Cappadocia? A land where nature is unique, where early Christians lived in the underground cities and caves, where every season has its something to show you and where children will love the adventures of being in a natural wonderland.

Clouds around curves

Clouds around curves


A 3 to 4 day trip to Cappadocia with children will provide you more than you expected. The famous cave hotels to stay, will let you pretend to be living in early history. Each one of the undergound cities will come to life with the imagination of your children.

Autumn leaves of Cappadocia

Autumn leaves of Cappadocia

Do you remember game:
Our son: Do you remember the “Family Chimneys”, the father, mother and son?
Me: Yes, and the grand parents further in the back

Me: Do you remember our hotel “Cappadocia Estates Hotel?
Our son: Yes, it was like a cave and had a lovely breakfast.


Warsaw with our son

This weekend we will be traveling to Warsaw with our son, and we are all wondering how our travel will be.
About three months ago, on a Rotary meeting of our club we had a guest speaker, who was a local writer, Rasel Rakella Asal. After 13 years of traveling to Poland and many other countries as a tourist guide, she decided to be a writer and studied in the University. His novel Cecile was about a 15 year old girl in the World War II, lived in Warsaw getto, been in the camps and wrote diary of her days. Rasel talked about, how she met Cecile, 40 years later and had chance to listen her war experience.
Well, just after the meeting, my husband called and said that we will be going to Warsaw. I was schoked to the coinsidence. I’ve read the book Cecile, since then. I’ve read some other books too, and yesterday evening I came accross to a documentary about a high school student group visiting Warsaw and the camps. They were really effected by the stories and most of them cried a lot, and I started to think of how our son will react to these. Shall we take him to see the camps and tell about what people suffered? Thankfully, my country did not take part in this war, therefore our “History” lessons ends in WWI. Does he need to learn about it? Am I the right person to teach him this war? Yesterday evening in the documentary, a very cute high school girl was crying and asking “Why?” She was at the age of Cecile, and many other who died there. Of course she was not the first one to ask this question, and probably will not be the last. I am sure there was a reason behind it. A reason that inspired thousands of Nazi’s and a reason that seemed to be true back in those days for them. I do not know the answer, I do not need to know. I will not be able to answer when he asks “Why?”.

A New York Travel with a lost luggage

Until our son was 3, we almost did not do any travels abroad. Our traveling with our son history started 7 years ago. And until he was 9 we could not be brave enough to do a long haul flight. That’s why our first time travel to US was last year.

Actually the start of our journey was really dramatic. We arrived to JFK safely, but our luggage did not do so (first time of such an experience). The more dramatic thing was, all three of us did fit in one luggage. The visa control was about 1,5 hours and it took us another 1,5 hours to search for our luggage, find a desk to inform the situation and try to understand how we would get our luggage. Not a nice welcome huh? Especially after a 9 hour flight, especially with a child.

Well, without our luggage, got off the airport, got the first taxi we met (and fooled by the driver, which is another story). Since we were late, the ruch hour started in Manhatten. Arrived to our hotel in New Jersey in another 1,5 hours. Thanks got, our hotel was just by a shopping mall, where we tried to find some underwear, t-shirts, lens solutions, ipad and iphone charges. When I say we, acually, I should say I, because that was when our son started to sleep on a bench at the mall, my husband stayed with him, and I tried to find everything, of course in different levels of Macy’s and by tring to understand the sizes which are totally different than we use and with dreadfully being sleepy.

We wish the story ended in a few days, however it did not. Everyday with hopes and loads of telephone calls, we were starting the day at Macy’s again, buying something to wear very quickly, trowing away the etiquettes, wearing them on and going to Manhattan. After 3 days, we got a phone call that our luggage has arrived and will bring it to our room. We all jumped on beds shouted and shouted. Ant the door rang, I opened very exitedly, and that was it: A WRONG SUITCASE. We could not beleive our eyes

How the story ended: We bought new suitcases in NY, flew to Las Vegas, and than to San Fransisco, than drove to LA and after 15 days of travel, flew back home. Our luggage arrived a month later,and the airline did pay only 1/10 of our expenses, after calling about a hundred times, writing loads of e-mails, which took about 6 months. We tried this adventure not to ruin our travel, since we paid loads of money for it, but we got a lot of lessons. Now we only travel with carry-on luggage and follow www.onebag.com rules.

Ready for Geneva

Tomorrow we will be heading for a new adventure to Geneva, Switzerland. Both my husband and our son loves the cars and it was their dream to go to a motor show. Actually they would prefer to go to Frankfurt or Paris motor shows, but unfortunately they are both organized in September, when the school time just starts. Soo, of we go tomorrow morning, everything (hopefully everything) organized, flights organised, hotel is booked (in France actually), a BMW 3 series reserved, visas checked, Eyewitness book of Switzerland borrowed… Make sure to follow us next 4 days.