Long weekend in Copenhagen

Next station Hilton Lobby

Next station Hilton Lobby

Any city break in any capital in Europe provides lots of fantastic times as a family, if it is spring time, if there is lots of sunshine and if you are ready to walk all over the city.

Copenhagen was not an exception, when we reached finally after a short border story which I have written in my previous post. Copenhagen is among one of the most expensive cities of Europe. One reason we preferred to stay at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport was because it was a five star hotel, with a price of 4 star hotel in the city center. Moreover, this provided us a convenient day out to Malmö/Sweden, trough Oresund bridge and more sleeping time in our final day, before our early flight. That seemed to be a very right choice, when we reached to the airport, as the hotel was in the very center of the airport, with elegant decoration and nice food for all 3-night-dinners. Moreover, it was silent enough isolated from the voice of the planes, plus had a very convenient Metro station, from the lobby of the hotel to the very center of the city.

May was the perfect time to visit the city

May was the perfect time to visit the city

10 years ago, I did have a chance to visit Copenhagen, all by myself and in just one day, I easily went all around the city, visited some museums and took the hop-on-hop-off bus not to miss any important thing. 10 years later at the very same day, I was in Copenhagen, this time with my family, with our 8 (was then) year old son. And in 3 days, we hardly visited all the places I have been, as you can imagine because our son hated to walk around. So here are what we did:

Guiness museum

Guiness museum

Two “must visit museums” in Copenhagen with children are, the two museums: Guiness World Records Museum and Ripley’s Believe it or not museum, both very interesting and fun to visit. Both operated by same (or partner) companies, so they provide a discounted ticket if you buy for both here. Guiness is as you probably already know, a little museum, giving information about all kinds of World Records. Ripley’s Believe it or not museum on the other hand is another little museum, with unbelievable things exhibited.

People watch activity

Studying the map of the city

Most of the things to see in Copenhagen are on “Stroget” or around. Stroget is the longest and oldest pedestrian shopping street of the world, established in 60s. And in the very center of this Stroget, there is Europe coffee the best place for a “people watch” activity, to relax and if your children are tired of walking, you can easily leave them there (preferably with their father) and enjoy shopping.




Heart of everything: Nevhavn

When we travel, we see lots of places that we take photographs, videos, show our friends and families how nice places we’ve been and let them see and hear the sights and sounds of the city. However, there are some places on earth, where none of the photographs or videos or any virtual reality application can provide the 5 sense feelings: Like Nevhavn in Copenhagen, like Times Square in NY, like a Bosphorus trip in Istanbul, or like Peace Park in Hiroshima or a parfumerie factory in Grasse, France. The smell of the sea, people, history perfectly matching with the sights and sounds. Nevhavn is such a place. You have to sit, relax, enjoy an evening with a nice wine, listen the on street musicians and the sounds of boats, crowd, the sea and swear not to forget this, all your life.

Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

My dear followers, with children; Don’t you think that a hop-on-hop-off bus in the major cities are life savers in our city break travels? For us, yes they are. As soon as you get tired of walking, but of course too early to go back to your hotel, you take a hop-on-hop-off bus and enjoy nice view of the city with relax and away from “I’m tired” cries of the children. Moreover, it would be to hard to walk all the way to the world famous symbol of Copenhagen: Little Mermaid. So I strongly recommend that you take a bus to reach there and try to take a photograph, if the Japanese tourists let you to do so.

The final point that one should must visit in a travel with children to Copenhagen is the Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world, opened in 1843. The rides itself are not better than any other rides in the theme parks around the world, but the park itself is very green with lots of flowers, nice restaurants and some shops. So allow yourself at least a good half day to relax in the park, maybe ride some rides and enjoy the sun.


Passing the Oresund



For our final day, we decided to take a train to Malmö, Sweden, to add a new pin on our world map, in another country. It was my second visit to Sweden, but first for my husband and our son. Staying at the airport Hilton Hotel, it was very easy to take a train and in just about 20 minutes, we were in Sweden. Malmö is a nice little city of Sweden, where there are some nice design shops, parks and old Piazza’s with lots of cafes and restaurants. Nice place for a relax day.