About Us


We are a family of three, with a father-Professor in a University, a mother (me)-investor and board member in a couple of companies and our son 10-years-old-student-as expected. We live in a “semi-developed” country and whenever we have time and money, we like to travel mostly to European countries and sometimes overseas. Our travel “must haves” are:

1. We are a conformist family. Rather than budget traveling, we prefer minimum 4 star convenient hotels.

2. We must have a car. This means we only go to countries that are safe enough to drive and traffic is on the right (Sorry for the UK).

3. We like Wine and Dine, so we take time for meal times and especially search for good quality, children friendly restaurants and cafes

Besides traveling, all three of us like to play golf which we started to learn all together a couple of years ago.

As you have already probably understood English is not my native language, however I have a very global job of being a mother and a very global hobby of traveling. Therefore I wanted to share my traveling experiences as a mother with the world. I hope you enjoy reading and sharing our adventures with your friends.

Take Care


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