A stop at Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston waterfront park

Charleston waterfront park

Our 3 days escape from Athens, Georgia started with Savannah that you can read from my previous post. It was a totally unplanned trip, so a decision was to be made: Further South or North? Well, just to add another state to our “List of states we have been” we decided to head North to South Carolina, and Charleston sounded just right.

It was just a 2 hours drive from Savannah, so we took our time to stop at Welcome Center of Charleston to find a nice hotel: Ansonborough Inn. A 3 star hotel, as local as a hotel can be, which was the best thing. Very welcoming wood construction details and historic touch at the very center of the old town.

Once more, thanks to Tripadvisor, we had our dinner at a very nice restaurant, Peninsula Grill.

Next day, we decided to take our time until noon so we drove around at Charleston with car, and decided to stop and walk a bit at Waterfront park.

Waterfront Park, pier

Waterfront Park, pier

A relaxing park with large tree shades and a very nice wood pier with calm swings.

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park

After a couple of hours of walking and sitting lazyly at the swings of the pier, we took our car for our next stop, which later decided to be Hilton Head Island. Yes, in my next post.


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