Nijo, in Kyoto, Japan



Nijo Palace in Japan, was our first highlight to see on our first day in Kyoto. Being a Unesco World Heritage Site, it is well worth to have a look. We were lucky to be staying at Ana Crown Plaza, just across this lovely place.



The palace was built in 1603.To go trough the rooms inside, you first take off your shoes. (I recommend that you wear some warm socks, as the floors were freezing cold in end  March.) Than you have to follow the people in front of you all the time. You can not just get in and have a look and leave, so make sure that you have at least a good half an hour, as you might not be able to get out easily.

There is almost no furniture inside, very plain rooms, but with lovely pictures on the “walls” (actually some kind of folding screens) and woodcraft details.



Garden on the other hand is another gem. A very well example of Japan gardening piece of art.

A composition of nature

A composition of nature

You see a patient work of generations of gardeners. The lake, stones and all plants are carefully taken care of to form a perfect composition.


Trees are shaped to fit the composition perfectly


Our son viewing the garden


A lovely garden


Our next stop will be Ryoan-Ji temple, famous with the zen garden.

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