Balance sheet of 2014

Happy new year

Happy new year

Hello dear followers and I wish you a wonderful 2015 with lots of joy and travels.

Remember what I have written this time last year. Here I made a long list of plans of my 2014 dream of travels. The list was long and I only could realize only a few of them, while I did manage to organize some other lovely travels.

1. Maldives. No, still a plan

2. Belek/Turkey for golf. Yes, twice:-)

3. Paris in May. No:-(

4. Somewhere in North in June. No. Hopefully this year.

5. UK. Yess. 10 long days.

6. A weekend in one of the Greek islands. Yess. Moreover, it was a weekend without a child:-)

7. Oman for another golf holiday. No:-(

8. Dubai in October. Yes, for Business trip

9. Germany for Christmas. No. Too cold.

Soo, the balance sheet does not look so nice, only 4 out of 9. However, besides these, I went to Iran, Barcelona, Georgia and South Carolina/USA, and Thessaloniki/Greece. Not a bad year, huh?

What about 2015. Here are my wishes for the coming year.

1. Maldives. (This time tickets and hotels are already booked)

2. Golf holiday in Belek/Antalya. (yes again)

3. Road trip in Portugal in April.

4. A long weekend in a nice old town of Germany

5. Finland for WRC in July.

6. Some other Greek Island

7. Shopping break in Milano, October.

8. Dubai for Christmas

I guess it is time to plan the details.

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