Capo San Martino Lugano – Switzerland

Restaurant with a nice view of Lugano lake

Restaurant with a nice view of Lugano lake

Let’s talk about Italy. I know, I know, the headline looks like a Lugano trip. However, this trip we re-did a couple of years ago was a part of an Italy tour of “Lago Maggiore”, “Lago Como” and “Lago Lugano”. Inevitably, our car took us to Switzerland on a rainy day of end-April.

Remember we did a a long weekend in Lugano when our son was just 5 years old. It was the good old days of last trip with a pushchair, where we could enjoy walking, while he could enjoy to sit and relax. 5 years later, with a more crowded group of a cousin, aunt, grandma and grandpa, our son wanted to show his 3-year-old cousin the Mini Swiss. Once more in a spring day, once more on a rainy day.

Mini Swiss

5 years before

5 years after

5 years after

After a long drive from our hotel Villa Borghi, in Italy and a tiring visit to mini Swiss with some on and off rains, we headed to Lugano with the hope of coming across a nice restaurant with a nice view.

Well, be careful what you wish for. Capo San Martino, was just the exact restaurant we would wish to have lunch, with the nice view and the nice fish.


Nice fish

Served gently

Served gently

Just a few minutes drive from Mini Swiss towards Lugano, settled on a high cliff of Lake Lugano, overlooking the Lugano city and sail boats on the lake.

Next: We are now very excited about our next trip to UK. Yes, we will not be able to rent a car as they drive from the wrong side. However, we are sure UK has lots of things to offer to travelers with children. Our stops are: Leicester, Cardiff and London.

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