Exploring the ancient times in Pompeii, Italy



Here I’ve written about, how we like visiting the ancient cities and play the “Pretend to be” game, like the picture above, pretending to cross a pedestrian road in a busy Pompeii street. After the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Ad 79, everything and everybody remained still, under soil and it was not discovered until 17th century. That’s why, everything is very well kept and a whole city remained untouched in Pompeii, and that’s what makes this cite more interesting.

Our visit to Pompeii started with scanning a map we had and deciding, how our route should be. We (me and my husband) did not have a plan to go trough all streets, but skip many and visit some important points. However, with an 8-year-old, you never have your own plans, because our son did want to visit every bid of the streets, houses. So in the end that’s what we did. The best part was, finding an ancient house, sit on a fine stone and guess how they must be living in there, play the game of “pretend to be”.

It took us more than 3 hours to walk all around, including some breaks in some buildings or open areas, relaxing. Good part was, the weather was so nice, calm, sunny with winter coolness.

We were already very tired and hungry, when we got out of Pompeii, so we decided to visit a tiny town of Sorrento Coast: Vico Equense which was about half an hour drive from Pompeii. Finding Vico Equense was not so hard but it was harder to find a parking place. But, it was much more harder to find the famous Pizza a Metro restaurant. So it was late afternoon, when we finally reached there and ordered our meals.

Starters at Pizza a Metro

Starters at Pizza a Metro

Unfortunately, I do not have the photo of the Pizza, as we must be so hungry to eat as soon as we got it.

Narrow lanes at Vico Equense

Narrow lanes at Vico Equense

After lunch we took time to wander around the lanes and streets of Vico Equense. The streets were full of surprising views. That is, at the end of a narrow road, you would come across to a wonderful view of Mediterranean sea, with some banks to sit on and watch the old Italian ladies feeding the birds. A pale red painted green window blinded house in the back and a lonely pine tree escorting the old lady to enjoy the view.

Mediterranean smell cooling the narrow lanes

Mediterranean smell cooling the narrow lanes

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