Let’s talk about Italy

Sorrento and Amalfi Coasts

Sorrento and Amalfi Coasts

Reading trough my previous posts, I’ve realized that I had written so little about Italy. Italy is the country we visited the most with our son. So I think it is time to talk about Italy, right?

A tour to Sorrento and around was another adventure of us about 3 years ago: On a cold winter term holiday at a restaurant for dinner, we decided that we should go somewhere. Somewhere warmer, somewhere convenient, somewhere easy, somewhere we have not been before. So we checked the airlines for the next morning. Yes, NEXT MORNING. Basel; too cold. Paris; too cold. Malta; flight inconvenient. Tunus; might be hard to drive. Rome; we’ve been. Dubai, requires a visa. Napoli; … ok Napoli, let’s go. With the help of booking.com for hotel and airport rentals for the car and the Eyewitness book we bought from the airport, next morning at around 11:00 am we were in a flight to Napoli.

Our hotel was easy to choose, as at this time of the year there weren’t much alternatives. However, even if we had, I would most probably prefer to choose the very same hotel: Hotel Francischiello Bellavista.

View from our room

View from our room

It was among the best hotel room views we have ever stayed, just across Capri island, in between many lemon tree lands, fresh air, convenient parking and 10 minutes drive from Sorrento center.

We ate every evening of our 4 nights stay at the hotel restaurant, as they did have a wonderful Italian menu, with tasty various starters and some local very good vines. You would not want to risk the “drink and drive” issue while driving in Sorrento coast, would you?

In front of our hotel

In front of our hotel

One bad thing about the hotel was, there was not much to do in the evenings, however, one evening in the lobby area we found the photo albums of the family running the hotel and whole evening we looked at the albums. Seeing the guy in the reception as a little boy, grew up over there, the old “waiter” grandma was actually the bride of the family and trying to run the hotel, after her husband’s death together with her son (we do not know the story, but this is what we perceived from the photos), the restaurant had a veranda in front, in the old times, the pine tree (photo above) was much smaller. We also did think that, it is amazing to share these memories with their guests, so touchy and valuable and makes a family run local business more valuable than a chain hotel.

More to come in my next posts about the area.

Next: A day out to Pompei and mount Visuv.

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