A theme park: Dreamworld, Brisbane, Australia

Family get together

Family get together

My dear followers already know by now that, we do our best to spend one full day at a theme park at least once in a year. Phantasialand in Bruhl, Germany and Legoland in Gunzburg, Germany were among the ones, we’ve been before and I shared them in my previous posts. The Australia theme-park-highlight was the Dreamworld, a huge theme park of Dreamwork animation studios. Our day started early, with a private car and driver that picked us from our hotel in Brisbane and after about an hour, there we were, on the door of a very crowded theme park entrance. Once more we had the advantage of buying our tickets in advance, so we got in immediately.

Colorful environment

Colorful environment

Our day was very classic: lots of running here and there, buying some souvenir, waiting in the long queues of pointless rides (for instance Avis Vintage car ride is absolutely waste of time), and eating junk food. Here is a “Do you remember?” game.

Me: What do you remember from the Dream world?

Our son: The caramel fudge we ate.

Me: Any rides?

Our son: No.

You see? Nothing much special but a fun day out together with our son. Anyway, I would like to share once more my little advice to get the most out of your day on a theme park:

1. Study the park in advance. Which rides have the longer queues and which ones are close to each other and if there is any special program or show on the specific day you will be going.

2. Buy the park ticket in advance, so that you will not be wasting time of valuable early-morning hours.

3. Be there as early as you can. After 11:00 am you will come across with much much longer queues.

4. Plan your morning with the rides you want to ride most, and afternoon with common areas like shops, parks and eating and if you have any time remaining you can choose to ride a couple of ones you loved, for a second time.

5. Have some spare t-shirts for all. Otherwise buy a new one, as it is for sure you will get wet.

6. Never go to a theme park on a weekend.

and a final one from one of my readers: start at the back of the park because everyone starts at the front

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