Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort, Australia

Palm Cove beach

Palm Cove beach

Remember my post of best hotel room we have ever stayed, and my one and only choice was in Pullman Hotel in Palm Cove, Cairns. Well, here it is in more detail.

We arrived to Cairns, from Sydney, with a 3 hours of domestic flight of Virgin Australia airlines. Very strangely, Queensland does not apply “summer time” for daylight saving thing, while New South Wales does. Therefore even though we flew to West, we gained an hour extra for our day. We were once more met by a local agency to be transported to Palm Cove and enjoy the rest of our day relaxed.

Our hotel was very nicely situated, just by the center of Palm Cove, a tiny beach village. Both our hotel and the village itself were, big enough to enjoy nice restaurants and some local shops and small enough, not to get stresses by the crowd. After check in, we first headed to my mom’s room, which was actually very ordinary, small, moreover, no net on windows against mosquitoes (and other tropic creatures), which meant to be sleeping with air condition. Than we went to our room. Well, here it is:

Our bed

Our bed


Our loundry


Our private pool


Our kitchen and living room


Our bedroom view


Our terrace

Our son's room

Our son’s room

The largest hotel room I have ever stayed. We came to Cairns to explore ocean and rain forests and Aborjin life of the area. But we did our best to also stay in our room as maximum as possible. For instance, we ordered our breakfasts in our room and altogether we enjoyed it very much.

The entrance of the hotel

The entrance of the hotel

The beach of the hotel

The beach of the hotel

The beach looks so lovely but actually it is almost impossible to swim, as it is said to be ocean crocodiles in the sea.

Restaurant area of the hotel

Restaurant area of the hotel

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