Australian Reptile Park

Remember our tour to Blue Mountains and where we stopped was Featherdale wildlife park. A nice park that impressed us all. However, the Australian Reptile Park we have been the day after was much more better, clean, interesting, hands on and fun to go.

Learning the difference between crocodile and elegator

Learning the difference between crocodile and alligator

As soon as we entered the park, a cute baby crocodile (or was it alligator? I guess I still do not know the difference) was introduced to us by a very polite and patient caretaker. While we were listening the information about the alligator (or was it crocodile?), another cute animal of Australia came to join us:



A baby Koala I loved to hug and smell eucalyptus. So clean and so happy, that you would like to take home to keep on your bedside. I’ve never thought of it that it would be smelling so nice.

Sleeping Koalas

Sleeping Koalas

In the mean time we were served some tea with delicious cookies, while we were enjoying to touch and take close photograph of  alligator and koala.

Than we took a walk around the park. Every corner was very clean and all the animals were carefully taken care off. Another interesting corner of the park was the spiders hall, where various kinds of spiders from all over the world were kept and exhibited. Finally, we did some shopping at the gift shop and headed to Hunter Valley, to explore the fine wines.

See you later, alligator.

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