Australia story starts with Sydney Opera House

Australia story starts with Sydney Opera House

Australia story starts and ends with Sydney Opera House

My dear followers probably already know that, we had a 10-days-trip to Australia last October, with our son. I think it is time now to start the story of our Australia adventures, right?

My dear followers who already read about us part of my blog also know that, we are a conformist family. We do not like hassles, we do not like, early wake up day trips, we like wine and dine, we like to have our car, we like modern countries and modern people, we like good weather. Well, there is only two simple weakness of a trip to Australia. First, they drive from the wrong side, and second, it is a bloody long way… Every other thing we like exist in Sydney.

View from our room

View from our room

We woke up, on a nice Saturday morning, overlooking the Sydney Harbour area of the town from our hotel, Quay West Suites Sydney. Unable to rent a car and drive by ourselves, I organised a car and a driver for our group to go around the city and explore. As you may have already guessed a day in Sydney starts and ends in Sydney Opera House, which was celebrating its 40th birthday, in the very same month with me.

Celebrating to be 40

Celebrating to be 40

In one of the travel magazines I’ve read recently, there was a result of a recent survey, about your dream of once in a lifetime experience you would like to have. One of the most wanted experience was to watch a performance in Sydney Opera House. I wish I could contact those people and say that, it is not anything you would dream of. The outside of the building is fantastic, different, contribute to the city view soo much and you know, people think that there is so much more inside. Unfortunately there is not. The inside of the opera house is a normal gray walled ordinary 70s building, dark, cold and no frill at all. Nothing like Moscow or Vienna or London.

Watching South Pacific Musical

Watching The South Pacific Musical

The South Pacific Musical performance was a really good one to watch, if only we were at home, not jet lag, and not with our son. By the end of the first half of the performance, our son was so bored and tired that we had to leave the opera house and walk back to our hotel. On the way back, we saw lots of people enjoying their drinks at the nice bars and restaurants, outside of the opera house, overlooking the harbour view on a Saturday evening.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Next: Sydney botanic garden.

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