Holland-but not Amsterdam-2

The next and final day of our great Germany-Holland trip with our super car, was to some nice fishing villages around Amsterdam, named Marken, Volendam and Zaanse Sans.

Lunch time once more

Lunch time once more-Volendam

Happy being with our super car, today we drove towards Amsterdam, but not for Amsterdam. Our first stop was Marken. Marken is a very small town, just 16 km away from Amsterdam. Used to be a fishing village on an island, however, a men-made road to the mainland ended the era of fishing, and started to attract the tourists like us. Old green wooden houses, some traditional shops the main port area, cows and sheep. Not so many people on a week day around. After a walk of a few hours with a stop at a nice cafe and a walk in the little museum of the town, we took our car to drive to Volendam, just 15 km by car, but also there is a good alternative of boats to cross the see.

Volendam is, just like Marken, used to be a fishing village in the old times. But now it is much more bigger town, with a larger port, cafes, restaurants, shops and loads of tourists.We did some shopping and had a nice lunch (see above photo).

Resting in a park

Resting in a park

Today’s last stop was Zaanse Schans. Zaanse Schans is an artificially traditional heritage with lots of cultural values of Holland. There are one of each Dutch craft traditions which can be visited and enjoyed, for instance a cheese farm, wood working craftshop, food production and lots of windmills.

Looking at the houses

Looking at the houses

They are all very well kept and it is fun to visit them all, with some shopping chances also.

Zaanse Schans by the river

Zaanse Schans by the river


On the way back, we drove to Delft, not from the motorway, but from the little roads, in order to see the tulips. Unfortunately, August was a wrong time of the season to visit the area.

Well, this was the end of our road trip to Germany-Holland with our super car, BMW 740. Next morning, we drove to Brussels to return home.

Next: What shall I start to write? Australia or Italy?

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