The shores of Mosel and Rhein rivers in Germany

Fine grapes

Fine grapes

The next two days of our North Rhein/Germany roadtrip of 2011 were full of visiting the small towns of the river with Koblenz and Trier. The area is one of the most romantic parts of Germany, famous with riesling wineyards, the little and picturesque towns of Rhein and Mosel rivers. Being a close neighbor of France, it is a French-like part of the country I can say.

On Saturday morning, we started our day by driving directly to Koblenz, about 50 km from our hotel in Unkel. Koblenz is a very strategic city, with “Deutches Eck”, the point where river Mosel meets river Rhein. After a little tour with our supercar, we found a nice parking place for our car and did a long walk in the “altstadt”, the old town part of the city. “Saturday” was everywhere, with a nice sunshine and lots of tourists around the city was lively. By midday, our son was already very very tires of walking around, so we decided to find a boattour on the river, which took us some time to find the right one that fitted for us (short enough, not to get bored and long enough to rest our feet). We took the boat of Markensburg company, which was about 2 hours return tour. Good thing was, it was possible to hop-on-hop-off on some towns that the boat stops, maybe to have lunch somewhere or enjoy some riesling wine. Bad thing on the other hand was, the towns that the boat stopped were not looking as if there would be a good restaurant in them, so we decided to stay on board and return to Koblenz.

When we got back, it was already 3:00 pm and we all were very hungry. Searching for a nice place to have lunch, we found a nice table at an Italian restaurant and settled down. After waiting a few minutes, we are told that the restaurant will be closed in a few minutes and reopen in the evening. What a pity, so we stood up, collected all our items, tried to find another restaurant, but it was not so easy, as we understood, all good restaurants were closed in the afternoons. After another hour of walking, we finally found a Cafe and could eat something.

Another attraction in Koblenz is the cable car, going over the river to high up more than 100 meters, to visit the Landesmuseum. Another bad news of the day was that, a ticket per person was €20, to use all day. So we decided that it was not a good deal to buy the tickets late in the afternoon.

What we decided to do instead is to take our super car and drive further south of river Rhein. We passed trough very nice towns one by one and we arrived to Braubach, where many tents of food and drink were surrounding long white tables to relax. While travelling, there is a very common rule; if there is a long queue, there must be something nice to eat there. We proved this once more, and waited in front of the tent with the longest queue.

Good smells

Good smells

And here it was fried curling potatoes with various flavors.



We ended the day with these tasties and returned to our hotel.

Do you remember game:

Me: What do your remember of Koblenz?

Our son: Where was that?

Me: In Germany, where we went to Rhein and Mosel rivers and little towns.

Our son: ???

Result: Lovely place to go but not so worth to remember for a 9-year-old.

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