Solingen and Zons in Germany

On our third day of North Rhein/Germany roadtrip, I’ve spent half of the day for business in Dusseldorf, while my husband with our son wasted their time at a mall, eating junk food. It was already 2 in the afternoon when I finished with my meetings with some advocate and so we did not have much choice to do somewhere far away. With the help of advice from our “eyewitness” book, we drove to Solingen and Zons.

Solingen is a little town of Germany very famous with its knives and blades for hundreds of years. It is about 30 km from Dusseldorf. Not much to see in the town but the Klingenmuseum, where hundreds of knives and other stuff are exhibited, introduce you to the world of blades. You can imagine how it can be interesting for a 9-year-old boy. Swords, rapiers, knives, weapons… very very big ones, very very small ones and very very old ones. Worth to spent a few hours.

Finishing with the knives, we had a few hours more to spend in the late evening, so we decided to go to another little town by the river Rhein, which is called Zons.

Little streets of Zons

Little streets of Zons

Zons is about 40 km far from Solingen. In the 13th-14th century a castle like high walls were built around the town and all the houses and the walls are kept in their original structure since then. With the help of rain, dark clouds and empty streets of Friday afternoon, there is nothing to think that you are not in 14th century.

Walls of Zons

Walls of Zons

Tiny houses are very well kept

Tiny houses are very well kept

The most interesting thing was, we went trough all the streets one by one (which does not take more than an hour) we did not see more than 6 or 8 people on the streets. I wonder how dark and silent it would be in the long winter days of Germany.


Finishing the day in Zons, we went back to our hotel and enjoyed a fine dinner at the restaurant of our hotel Rheinhotel Schultz.

Next: Koblenz and other little towns by the river of Rhein

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