Phantasialand Theme Park, Bruhl, Germany

You probably know by now that, in all our road trip holidays, we reserve a full day to a theme park. Phantasialand is a perfect one for a family like us. Big, colorful and full of activities.



Unfortunately, as usual, we could not wake up early in the morning and moreover our navigation had hard time to find the right way, due to some construction sites on the road. Therefore, it was nearly mid day when we got to the park. The queues of the rides had already started.

Phantasialand is the largest theme park in Germany and has 6 different themes inside: Phantasy, Deep in Africa, Berlin, Mexico, Mystery and China Town. Each one of them is as big as a small theme park. Each one has a variety of rides and attractions both for little children and one for teenagers. Each one has a variety of restaurants from fast food to a la carte. Simply, to try all the rides at least once, you have to allocate two full days. So we decided to skip the 6 teenager rides (named 6 dragons) with long queues and of course the rides for “little ones”.

Starting with China Town, we went trough each section. Some were perfectly good for us all, like Wellenflug, Tikal or Maus au Chocolat (Specialty of summer 2011) that they did not have much queue, so we did ride a couple of times. Some of them on the other hand were a totally waste of time, like Wakobato (an interactive water boat attraction), where we waited for more than half an hour and was a great disappointment.


20s' Berlin

20s’ Berlin

It was already around 7:00 pm, when we departed from the park, tired and hungry. We directly drove to Königswinter and found a very nice Italian restaurant, named Franco, with a few on street tables, where we had a happy ending for the day.

Next to come: Solingen and dormigen-zons.

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