Rheinhotel Scultz in Unkel-Germany

Arriving to Germany, getting our super car of 740, and after an afternoon in Köln we headed to our hotel in late afternoon that we were gonna stay for 5 nights. I chose to stay in Unkel because, it was in the middle of all the places we wanted to go. Our plan was to go to Phantasialand, Dusseldorf, Koblenz, Trier and some other small Rhein towns around. Unkel just fitted with all our expectations, with a 150 year old mansion hotel of Rheinhotel Shultz.

Entrance of the hotel

Entrance of the hotel

We were welcomed by a smiling staff who very quickly provided our keys. Passing trough long long corridors, some stairs and some elevators, there we were finally in our room. A typical 17th century building: high ceiling, tick walls, tall windows, old style decoration and a view of the river Rhein. Most importantly, a very convenient underground parking safe for our 740 BMW.

The main and in my problem, the only problem of staying in Unkel is, it is a very very small village, and other than the hotel restaurant itself, there are not many alternatives to eat. For the first evening we drove to Königswinter, which is a much larger town about 6 km. from Unkel, and had a very fine dinner in an Italian restaurant. The second evening we tried the restaurant of the hotel. A perfect view, perfect ambiance and perfect meals. Very good for a hotel like this. But the third evening, tired of travelling all day, we arrived to the hotel restaurant, very hungry and learned that it was closed due to an occasion (as far as I remember, some wedding). So upset, we found some weird wine bar around, where an old man was playing and singing 70s with no cheer at all and some old couples were dancing on the stage, half dead. So we had our meals with “I just called to say I love you” sounds and ran away as soon as we could.


Inner garden of the hotel

Inner garden of the hotel

What we did in the other days? Phantasiland and Rhein Town festivals soon to come

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