An afternoon in Köln



Germany probably would be number 2 in our top 10 list of countries we love to visit. (Italy is number 1 and Switzerland is number 3) First of all everything is in order. No hassle of people, not much traffic, clean and tiny, no complicated parking signs, nice nature, nice history (to some extend), nice palaces and museums to visit, nice restaurants, nice outdoor activities and nice cars (which is probably the most important for the boys of my family) with less speed limit.

I have told about how we got our brand new 740 in my previous posts. So after about an hour from the airport, we were in the center of Köln, parked our car and ready to explore this typical European town. You know what I mean by “typical” right? A river, a church, an “altermarkt” and lots of old buildings. Sounds like very boring, but this is exactly what we love in the old towns of Europe. Just to walk on old stone roads, people watch activity in cafes and walk lazily, between the shops, all of which were possible in this Saturday afternoon of Köln.

I had been to Köln twice before, for business purposes, so I knew exactly what we could do. After visiting the Dom, (Not difficult to find, as you can imagine), we did a short walk following the crowd of people, which as we guessed took us a nice shopping street. Than we headed to the altermarkt and  walked down by the river of Rhein with some stops at interesting parks like this:


Walking by the river Rhein

After exploring around a few hours with some summer rains, it was time for a late lunch/early dinner, so we just stopped at one of the many cafes overlooking the river shores, name Bierhaus am Rhein, found a table at the balcony of the upper floor, and enjoyed our meals together with sunset.

After lunch/dinner, we headed to our hotel at Unkel, which was another hour drive from Köln and settled in our room at Rheinhotel Schultz which will be the subject of my next post.

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