A road trip with a brand new BMW 740



2 years ago, a 10 days trip to the Rhein and Mosel rivers of Germany and than further North to Utrecht, Amsterdam and Antwerp was the highlight of our summer. Today I want to start to tell some about the Germany part of the trip. The Holland part will be coming in the following days.

You probably already know my dear followers that we love to rent our car on our holidays and do some road trips freely. This trip we made in 2011 was really one of the best, as it included two of our favorite countries, Germany and Holland. But moreover, the main hero of the trip was our car.

People renting a car quite often may know that sometimes (well quite often) the rent a car agent do not have the car you require in their hand and they provide a car similar to it. That’s fine. But sometimes (very rarely) they provide a car that is one grade upper than you paid for. Well, you be happy than. But sometimes (that’s very rarely) they give a car that’s much more than you paid for. And sometimes (That’s really maybe once in a lifetime) This super car is a brand new one. So you probably understood the point.

BMW 740 just 6 km

BMW 740 just 6 km

It was the end of August, when we got off our plane at Köln airport. Passport control, luggage waiting, search for the Sixt office is the routine. Than the lady in the office said that they do not have a 5 series that we asked for. OK… and that they will give 7 series. OK OK OK OK. And the routine goes on, find the car, get the luggage in the trunk, check the car and WHAT? A 740 just 6 km old, ours for 10 long and long days of driving, on the autobahns of Germany that has no speed limit. This is a bulls eye right?

Feeding our dear car

Feeding our dear car

Next: An afternoon in Köln and our hotel by the Rhein river.

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