Athens, Greece from the eyes of our son



3 years ago we wanted to go somewhere reasonably priced, somewhere convenient and somewhere warm in November and did a long weekend trip to Athens, Greece. I have written about how our son loves to be in ancient cities here. Athens/Acropolis would be probably on top 10 list of ancient cities to visit.

Actually Athens was a bit of disappointment other than the Acropolis. A day in Acropolis, with a good walking and climbing and an evening in Pire, a day trip to outskirts of Athens including Kifisia and Rafina was more than enough for a weekend.



Although we had a rental car, once again we preferred to get on a hop-on-hop-off bus, to go around the city and know what is where. So we understood that Acropolis is our only attraction point, as our son hates shopping, and father hates ordinary museums. Therefore, we got off the bus at Acropolis and played our typical ancient city game “pretend to be”.



Athena Nike tample, Proplylaia (the entrance), Parthenon, Dionysos Theater, Heredos Atticus Theater and lovely views of city of Athens from various angles, were all nice to visit on a warm autumn day.

View of the city

View of the city

Afterwards we walked down hill to the Plaka area, to find a local restaurant and some shops for a relax afternoon.

Finishing the city before 5:oo pm, we decided to get our car and drive to Pire maybe to find a restaurant or for a sunset view at a cafe, but maybe it would be better to get some idea from locals, as we could not find a nice place to sit, and there were almost nobody around except us.

Next day, with the advice of our eyewitness book of Athens, we decided to drive some other towns nearby. We started with Kifisia in the morning, which is said to be preferred by locals for summer season mostly. Nice houses, some shops and a natural history museum were what we saw, nothing close to History Museums in New York, Vienna or London.

Animals in Natural History Museum

Animals in Natural History Museum

Some insects, some butterflies, some animals and minerals were interesting maybe not for us, but for our son.

For the afternoon we went to the east coast to Rafina, another advice of our eyewitness book. Again not much to see, except some fish restaurants to have lunch by the port and to watch the ships coming and going.

So that was all for us in Athens. We simply did nothing on the third day. Had a long breakfast in our hotel – Hotel Novus, with the most lovely pie we have ever had- and drove around the city with our car before going to the airport.

Do you remember game:

Me: What do you remember of Athens.

Our son: Our hotel with the view of Acropolis.

Me: And?

Our son: And the Acropolis.

Me: And?

Our son: More Acropolis


PS. All photographs in this post are taken by our son.

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