Great Cruise tour-day-2

The main activity of our summer has been the Cruise trip with MSC Poesia to Norwegian Fyords. We were a group of 8: Me, the organiser-as always, my husband and our son-as expected, my mom and her husband, my uncle and aunt and my grandfather. So group aged from 9 to 90. Tough isn’t it?

Day 2 was what they call in Cruise language “Day at sea”. A good day to get to know the cruise life, learn what is where and enjoy the only morning to be able to wake up late. Since we all did not like the 13th floor restaurant, we started the day at the a la cart breakfast restaurant at level 5, which was much more better than 13th floor self service hectic restaurant. Afterwards the group seperated to enjoy the relax day. I used this opportunitiy to take the Salsa lessons, which I already forgot the steps by now. However the numbers are still in my mind: one-to-three…five-six-seven, uno-duo-tre…cinque-sei-sette, ein-zwei-drei…funf-sechs-sieben, bir-ki-uc…bes-alti-yedi, one-two-three…five-six-seven…

The elevator door

The elevator door

Having a sushi-lover-son, for our lunch we all met at the Kaito Sushi Bar, which was an oasis, free of crowd, as it was an extra paid restaurant. We took a long table in the middle and enjoyed the fine Japanese cuisine for a couple of hours.

Our son learning to do the sushi

Our son learning to do the sushi

Kaito Sushi Bar

Kaito Sushi Bar

Our “Day at sea” went on with an afternoon nap, and getting ready for the Captain’s cocktail party, with the dress code of “formal”. Going down to the Zebra Bar at deck 6, we felt that the purpose of this getting dressed is to take picture with the captain which required a long long queue to be waited. Not my kind really. So after drinking a couple of colored liquids so-called cocktails with some chips -very unfriendly to my diet, we headed to our restaurant and our tiny far end corner table. Today it was also the birthday of my uncle. With the nice surprise cake of my aunt, and the Indonesian version of the “Birthday song” of the staff, we celebrated his birthday.

After dinner, we headed to the theater for the evening’s animation. I do not want to criticize the animation in the evenings as it s a matter of “likes and dislikes” Some days it was average, some days above average in my opinion.



"Sun" decks, if you find the sun.

“Sun” decks, if you find the sun.

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