Great Cruise tour-day-1

The main activity of our summer has been the Cruise trip with MSC Poesia to Norwegian Fyords. We were a group of 8: Me, the organiser-as always, my husband and our son-as expected, my mom and her husband, my uncle and aunt and my grandfather. So group aged from 9 to 90. Tough isn’t it?

Actually our flight to the Cruise point-Copenhagen, started a day earlier, so let me start by telling you the day -1. Since our flight was an early bird one (Which we all hate) first-time-ever, we stayed in the hotel just by the airport in our home city, although we live just about 30 min. from the airport. We enjoyed a fine wine with a well done meat for dinner, in a wine yard close to the airport, and the airplanes passing just above us. We saved about 45 min. more sleeping time and in my opinion can save your next day, especially if you are not an early bird family.

Day 1 was a typical traveling date, long flights with some delays. First breakfast at the first flight, second one at the lounge and the third breakfast at the second flight (not a good start for my diet). Arriving to Copenhagen Airport, transfer to our cruise and getting into the first queue of never ending “get in the queue” ‘s.  After about an hour of waiting in the queue, we finally got on our ship found our rooms on the 10th floor, saw how a room can be so tiny. Opening the extra bed for our son and the situation got worse. Good that my grandfather is with us and staying in a single room:-) Our son is immidiately posted to my grandfather’s room and here it is, we have a rather normal room again.

Checking the daily news in the room

Checking the daily news in the room

We were told that the restaurant on the 13th floor is open all day. That would be a good choice for a late lunch actually, but we got our first lesson right after. It was absolute mess with lots of children around, people with loads of food on their plate are searching for some more and we try to find a place to be seated. Lesson number one: Never ever eat lunch at 13th floor.

Learning to tie the life jackets

Learning to tie the life jackets

Having started the day very early in the morning, I would die for a mid-day nap for a few hours but duty was waiting. First I went to listen the extra tours provided during the tour, as we were a big group I wouldn’t risk not to take a tour. Later on I understood that I did the right thing, as the Norvegian Fyord cruise ports are on very tiny villages, where you would not find much things to do. Bus/Train/Boat tours on the other hand take you to further than the Fyords, which you will see on the coming days.

Listening the tours and deciding the suitable ones for us, did not finish the duties. We all supposed to be in the rescue training at 5:00 pm, ready with our life jackets. Listening to “What to do” in 7 languages and find out the deck we would be ready. Fun but not for sleepy tired people like us.

In the cruises, you either eat dinner at 6:00 pm or 8:15 pm. It was good that we preferred to eat at 6:00 pm. Altough this caused us to miss most of the departures from ports, in later days we have learned that it is not the only day 1 started early. Each day we had to woke up earlier than the previous:-(

Just after we settled down we met our waiter; an Indonesian guy, so kind, but unfortunately did speak very bad English.  Somehow we managed to order, eat and finally got in our beds, before sunset of north.

View from our room at Copenhagen port

View from our room at Copenhagen port

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