Weekly photo challange: The golden hour

Hot air baloons in Cappadoccia

Hot air baloons in Cappadoccia

The weekly photo challange of the week is the golden hour, which is the first and the last hour of the day. Well, traveling with a child, I realised that it is very rare that we walk around in these hours. The photo above was taken in Cappadoccia, not because we have been in one of these balloons at 6:30 in the morning, but because our flight was very early (which is sooo rare, as a flight before 10:00 am is not a flight to my family). This rule is valid both for the flights and any activities in our holidays: Never dare to go out before 10:00 am.
When I went trough the photographes of our travels, I realised that in the last hour of the day, “Where are we gonna eat?” is the main concern of my family. Tired of being out all day, we mostly prefer to have a mini rest in our hotel, before going out for dinner, or we already start to look for a proper restaurant to feed our stomachs. Sure we have missed some beautiful moments of the days of our travels. Well, I will be more cautious in enjoying the evening golden hour of the day, however, no promise for the morning golden hour. After all, a holiday is a holiday, where you enjoy to sleep longer and longer hours.

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