Warsaw with our son

This weekend we will be traveling to Warsaw with our son, and we are all wondering how our travel will be.
About three months ago, on a Rotary meeting of our club we had a guest speaker, who was a local writer, Rasel Rakella Asal. After 13 years of traveling to Poland and many other countries as a tourist guide, she decided to be a writer and studied in the University. His novel Cecile was about a 15 year old girl in the World War II, lived in Warsaw getto, been in the camps and wrote diary of her days. Rasel talked about, how she met Cecile, 40 years later and had chance to listen her war experience.
Well, just after the meeting, my husband called and said that we will be going to Warsaw. I was schoked to the coinsidence. I’ve read the book Cecile, since then. I’ve read some other books too, and yesterday evening I came accross to a documentary about a high school student group visiting Warsaw and the camps. They were really effected by the stories and most of them cried a lot, and I started to think of how our son will react to these. Shall we take him to see the camps and tell about what people suffered? Thankfully, my country did not take part in this war, therefore our “History” lessons ends in WWI. Does he need to learn about it? Am I the right person to teach him this war? Yesterday evening in the documentary, a very cute high school girl was crying and asking “Why?” She was at the age of Cecile, and many other who died there. Of course she was not the first one to ask this question, and probably will not be the last. I am sure there was a reason behind it. A reason that inspired thousands of Nazi’s and a reason that seemed to be true back in those days for them. I do not know the answer, I do not need to know. I will not be able to answer when he asks “Why?”.

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