A New York Travel with a lost luggage

Until our son was 3, we almost did not do any travels abroad. Our traveling with our son history started 7 years ago. And until he was 9 we could not be brave enough to do a long haul flight. That’s why our first time travel to US was last year.

Actually the start of our journey was really dramatic. We arrived to JFK safely, but our luggage did not do so (first time of such an experience). The more dramatic thing was, all three of us did fit in one luggage. The visa control was about 1,5 hours and it took us another 1,5 hours to search for our luggage, find a desk to inform the situation and try to understand how we would get our luggage. Not a nice welcome huh? Especially after a 9 hour flight, especially with a child.

Well, without our luggage, got off the airport, got the first taxi we met (and fooled by the driver, which is another story). Since we were late, the ruch hour started in Manhatten. Arrived to our hotel in New Jersey in another 1,5 hours. Thanks got, our hotel was just by a shopping mall, where we tried to find some underwear, t-shirts, lens solutions, ipad and iphone charges. When I say we, acually, I should say I, because that was when our son started to sleep on a bench at the mall, my husband stayed with him, and I tried to find everything, of course in different levels of Macy’s and by tring to understand the sizes which are totally different than we use and with dreadfully being sleepy.

We wish the story ended in a few days, however it did not. Everyday with hopes and loads of telephone calls, we were starting the day at Macy’s again, buying something to wear very quickly, trowing away the etiquettes, wearing them on and going to Manhattan. After 3 days, we got a phone call that our luggage has arrived and will bring it to our room. We all jumped on beds shouted and shouted. Ant the door rang, I opened very exitedly, and that was it: A WRONG SUITCASE. We could not beleive our eyes

How the story ended: We bought new suitcases in NY, flew to Las Vegas, and than to San Fransisco, than drove to LA and after 15 days of travel, flew back home. Our luggage arrived a month later,and the airline did pay only 1/10 of our expenses, after calling about a hundred times, writing loads of e-mails, which took about 6 months. We tried this adventure not to ruin our travel, since we paid loads of money for it, but we got a lot of lessons. Now we only travel with carry-on luggage and follow www.onebag.com rules.

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