So Mediterenian, so France



A few years ago, on a very nice weekend in a spring time, we made a trip to the South of France with our son. Well, let’s say a long weekend. The sea was so Mediteranian, the food were so French, the blue was so deep, the sky was so clear, we were so happy, our son was so happy.

Actually, everything started in Italy, arriving to Milano airport late in the evening. Going to a hotel. In the morning, we went back to the airport to rent our car. Once more I have tried to rent an Alfa Romeo 159, and received a Mercedes instead.

Driving souther, passing the border, our first stop was Monaco. Unfortunately, with our son we could not get into to any Casinos, but enjoyed a drive on Formula 1 Route and a fine lunch in Cafe de Paris.


Hop on hop of in Cannes

In mid May, a week after Monaco Grand Prix and a week before Cannes film festival, it was really crowded around but was a perfect time to do this trip.


daddy, all time driver


Grasse, learning how parfumes are made


St Paul

St. Tropez, St. Paul, Eze, Nice, Cannes… Colorful people, good food, lovely scenery. Instead of spending time in center of Nice, which did not look so fascinating to us, we prefered to go to little villages around. St Paul and Eze were by far the best of all. Although parking, leaving our car behind and walking uphill is a bit tirding for our son (and for us). St Tropez was a dissappointment, probably because we did not know so well, where to eat, where to go and where the high society were.

But leaving all these places on one side, I think we all loved Menton most:-). Is our preferances strange? What we look in a tiny town is: convenient parking close to nice restaurants, preferably with a nice view, shopping street within easy walking and warm people. Menton had them all, parked our car by the sea, walked on the shopping street, bought our melon ice screams, and felt the warm people felt like more Italian than French.


Residues of our son’s pizza, made our desperate waiter smile a bit.


Eze. Sooo cute town, with lanes to loose yourself, tiny shops and a surprize in top of the hill, a tropic paradise letting you enjoying the view of deep blue Medditeranian sea. Of course whenever you come to such a place, someone asks you to take their photograph. Eze is not an exception.


Photo of the photographer daddy




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