Barcelona with our son

We made a lovely trip to Barcelona in the summer of 2009. Our son was 6 years old than and Barcelona is a lovely city to visit with a 6 year old. Now I asked him what he like most, and he said the aquarium, magic fountain, FC Barcelona Stadium and the cable cars. Once more hop-on-hop-off buses saved our travel and took us every important place to see with minimum walking, which is life saving when you travel with children. Another importance of this trip was, our son had his first camera of his life, and took dozens of photographes. Here are some of them:


Not bad for a first time photographer



FC Barcelona Stadium getting ready for the U2 360 degrees concert


La rambla


Cable cars are very exciting to view the city. Our son was inspired not by the view but the technical details about how the cable cars worked.



Our room in Barcelona  was a lovely flat of two room with a tiny kitchen and a living room. Moreover we had a tiny Spanish balcony overlooking to a calm street of Barcelona. After this trip, I tried to prefer suit type rooms in many of our trips, but some of them were disappointment, not even got close to our room in Barcelona.


Our tiny kitchen in our room


A walk in La Rambla street is probbably the most attractive walking for children, although might be scary for some of them.



Finally the aquarium was by far his favorite place.



I very much wish to have some comments to my posts, positive or negative (I will delete the negatives anyway), but please let me know how am I doing in this new world of blogging.

3 thoughts on “Barcelona with our son

  1. Your Barcelona musings brought back nice memories from my time there, wow, a decade ago! Remember strolling along la Rambla and visiting the aquarium too. I can see why it was your son’s favorite spot. 🙂


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