A visit to a Michelin adviced restaurant

As you can read from the “about us” section, we prefer enjoying wine and dine in our travels, instead of budget traveling. Not every evening, but at least one evening of our travel, we look for a more elegant restaurant, with local wine variaties and dishes. The recent Geneva trip was not an exception. After eating 2 nights at a moderate Italian restaurant “Casanova”, just by our hotel, in our final night, our choice was Les Cepages, a very elegant looking, Michelin Adviced restaurant.

First I should tell you how we got there:

Staying 4 km to Thoiry, and getting lost twice with our BMW Navigation-not knowing the street of our hotel, we passed through the restaurant a couple of times and tought that a dinner there would be nice to have. So in our hotel we asked the reception guy about the restaurant, and he said, it is very pricey therefore he would not recommend. Well, a Saturday evening, and third night in the same Italian restaurant does not fit in our travel expectations, so we asked him to make a reservation in Les Cepages. After asking a couple of times if we were sure about it, he made our reservation. But instead of the prices, our concern, was if it would be suitable to get in there with our Jeans:-)

Well, everything went well. (Almost everythng let’s say), we went to the restaurant, selected our courses form a French manu, which we did not understand any of the words, and surprisingly, everything we have selcted were perfectly good.(well, almost everything). The only exception was our son’s choice. Actually, it was not his choice, because he could not find anything to choose from. So we asked them to make something with chicken. However, the chichken he got was with a nice souce (nice for us, not for him) and some nice vegetables (Again, nice for us, not for him). Thanks god he likes to eat olive oil and bread, so that was all he could eat:-)


A perfect pastry stuffed with very well cooked beef, with a perfect souce and some vegetables.


Nicely decaorated table, and a perfect wine list


Best escalopes we had ever had in our lives

The result is;

Well yes it is pricey, not because the prices in the list are high,but because the portions are, how can I say, very “French”:-)

Well, yes, it was a bit too much to expect a 10-year-old to eat these.

Well, yes anyway it was worth it.

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