Long weekend in Lugano

Mini Swiss

A mini boy in Mini Swiss

Lugano, Switzerland is one of the finest places you can visit with a child, calm, scenic and loads of things to do. Feniculars to the mountains around, Mini Swiss and the Chocolate Factory and museum Alprose are some of the places you can visit.

Our son was 5 years old when we first visited Lugano. Although it was rainy, we could enjoy some little walks in the town and mountains around (It was easy to walk on those days, since our son was still using the push chair). The chocolate Factory was so interesting for him, that he walked all through the factory and analysed every one of the machinery at least three times. Mini Swiss  also amazed him a lot. The other good thing about Lugano is the food. An Italian restaurant would save the day of a child, lots of Italian restaurants would save the entire holiday. That’s why our pizza-boy did not have any problem with the food either.

Chocolate Factory and Museum

Chocolate Factory and Museum


The calm lakes of Lugano

The calm lakes of Lugano

The calm lakes in and around Lugano lets you enjoy a relaxing time with no traffic jams and big city hassles.

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