A new start

Our son

Our son just a few days before our very first journey

After I got married in my very early 20s, both our agendas were so full with carier development plans and some travels. A child would mean so much interruption to our flexible lives. So it took us nealy 10 years to decide that it is time for a child. Everything went well, we had a lovely son and until he was 3, we nearly did not go anywhere abroad. When he turned 3, we decided that it is time to break our chains and be brave enough to start traveling again. That’s how our journeys started.

Our very first journey abroad, with just three of us, was to Crete Island of Greece, which turned out to be a good choice for a first-time family travel. A tiny, convenient island, welcoming people, easy to drive around, a lovely spot for a long weekend.

Of course he got bored at the back seat of our tiny Nissan Micra we rented and all he ate was fish and bread with lots of olive oil. On the other hand, I remember that he loved the windmills, the sea, the ice creams and the very fat waiter in our hotel, made him flowers from napkins and welcomed him with a “Yasu” and a great smile, every evening. “Yasu” has been his favorite word for a couple of months.

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